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Three beautiful girls in  white wedding dresses  with hair coloring in ultra blond. Stylis

Welcome to the World of Afraughtuch!

 Whether you're a beginner looking for a solid foundation or a professional eager to hone your skills, our courses were designed with you in mind.

Flexible and Accessible Online Courses

 Immerse yourself in our online courses, available 24/7, to learn at your own pace. With lifetime access, you can review the lessons as many times as you like, deepening your understanding and practice of the Airtouch technique.

Explore Our Training Offer

 - Airtouch Basic Program:

10 lessons on basic technique plus 1 bonus lesson on Airtouch regrowth

- Airtouch Advanced Program:

Includes everything in the Basic Program plus the option to attend one daycourse in person or in an online One to One session

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 What exactly will I learn in the AirTouch course?

 Our course covers 11 modules, which include everything from selecting and preparing strands, advanced coloring techniques, avoiding common mistakes, through to touch-ups and color maintenance. Each module is designed to give you a complete understanding of the AirTouch technique.

 What is the cost of the course and are there flexible payment options?

 The total cost of the course is 399 euros. We also offer the possibility of paying in three installments, to make the course accessible to more professionals.


 Is AirTouch a suitable technique for all types of customers? 

Absolutely yes. AirTouch is versatile and can be customized to suit a wide range of preferences and hair types, making it a valuable addition to your service repertoire.


 How can this course help me grow professionally? 

 By learning the AirTouch technique, you will not only expand your skills but also attract a larger clientele. This technique is in great demand and will allow you to stand out in the market.


 Is previous experience necessary to take the course? 

 The course is designed for professionals at all levels of experience. We provide detailed instructions and support to ensure that all participantscan master the technique.

 What are the benefits of the online, pre-recorded AirTouch course?

Our online course offers flexibility and convenience, allowing you to learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your home or salon. With the pre-recorded course, you have unlimited access to the learning materials, being able to review the lessons as many times as you wish. This format is ideal for those seeking in-depth learning without the time and location limitations of in-person courses.

 What has been the feedback from those who have already purchased and completed the course?

 Participants who have completed our online AirTouch course have achieved exceptional results. They told us that they understood all the techniques perfectly thanks to the clarity and detail of the explanations. Many of them have already created wonderful works, demonstrating the effectiveness of our teaching method and the quality of the course.

 Will I receive recognition at the end of the AirTouch course?  

Yes, participants who successfully complete all steps of our AirTouch course will receive a certificate of participation. This certificate represents not only a recognition of your commitment and dedication, but also proof of your competence in the AirTouch technique, which you can show to your customers.

Three beautiful girls in  white wedding dresses  with hair coloring in ultra blond. Stylis

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