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Bica Sergiu Cezar

Project Manager






Via Francesco Ierace  

ZIP code 00133

Data Di nascita:

December 12, 1986

Work Experience

Owner and Creative Director, Hypnotic Touch
Rome, Italy — 2017-Present

High Fashion Designer for L'Oréal Paris Professional
Milan and Paris — 2014

Senior stylist, Rome High Fashion
Rome, Italy — 2010-2014

Professional hairdresser
Italy — 2005-2010

- Founder of a renowned salon in the heart of Rome, recognized for excellence in service and stylistic innovation.
- Generated significant revenue, demonstrating entrepreneurial acumen and dedication to quality craftsmanship.
- Specializes in the advanced Airtouch technique, acquired in Moscow in 2018, attracting high-profile clientele and further enhancing the salon's reputation.

- Selected for the prestigious L'Oréal team for the Milan and Paris fashion weeks, representing Italian excellence in hairstyling.
- Worked closely with designers to create innovative hairstyles that complemented the couture collections.
- Received various diplomas for the originality of creations and the ability to interpret the artistic visions of designers in unique styles.

 Recognized for exceptional technical and creative ability in the exclusive environment of Roman haute couture.
- Contributed significantly to hairstyling trends, working with leading figures in the fashion industry.

- Started my professional career in the hairstyling sector, refining        techniques and developing a strong aesthetic sense.
- Gained extensive experience collaborating with various fashion houses, defining the personal style that gave impetus to a future career in high fashion.

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